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Kazuo Imai and Astuhiro Ito on stage with guitar and light bulb
19 February 2006

Kazuo Imai & Atsuhiro Ito

Atsuhiro Ito Kazuo Imai

A loud, buzzing stew of electrical light as noise and convulsive electric guitar squall.

Kill Your Timid Notion 06
Kazuo Imai playing an acoustic guitar on stage at MLFC 05
21 May 2005
The Sage Gateshead

Kazuo Imai

Kazuo Imai

One of the most arresting and unique improvisers in Japan, creating an original and powerful body of free music.

Music Lover’s Field Companion 05
Masayoshi Urabe portrait in black and white
17 October 2004
The Arches

Masayoshi Urabe

Masayoshi Urabe

Tormented and drawn-out high-pitched yelps and drones, all interleaved with periods of torpid silence.

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