Resonant Spaces

Hamilton Mausoleum, Hamilton - 29 June 06

arrive for 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00pm

Buried into the side of a hill, and accessed only from above, the old reservoir in Wormit isnít the easiest to find. But my God itís got a preposterous sound, a huge booming decay and some radically challenging focal points and echoes, careening around off its concrete walls. Normally I suppose that would be the worst thing you could think of in a performance venue, but for this tour itís pretty ideal.


Wormit reservoir is located at The Tanks, Reservoir Road, Wormit, Fife, DD6 8PB. It's easy to find if you come up the hill on Hillpark Road, and then straight up the ribbed driveway in front of you. we'll congregate on the gravel parking area before being taken down to the reservoir.

The reservoir is entered through a manhole, which has had additional, safe access installed. We'll be asking you to climb down a short ladder before a set of stairs. These have all been installed by professional companies, and make access safe and easy.

shot of Wormit Reservoir

another shot of Wormit Reservoir

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