Resonant Spaces

Lyness Oil Tank, Hoy - 21st June 2006

arrive for 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00pm

This WWII oil tank hoves into view as you get off the ferry in Lyness, a massive 4 storey, 30m wide cylindrical steel construction with the most bizarre echo and reverberation. When we first visited I went to the middle of the space and shouted at the top of my voice. The echo boomed up and suddenly soared into the most deafening sound, almost like an airplane flying overhead: I was dumbfounded. Of course it turned out that an airplane had indeed just flown overhead, much to the amusement of the staff. Still, the 12 second decay, weird echoes and crazy focal points should make for a magical and special night.


The Oil tank is part of the Lyness Interpretation Centre, (sometimes known as the Scapa Flow Visitor) Centre, Lyness, Hoy, Orkney. Whether driving into Lyness, or getting off the ferry from Houton on Mainland Orkney, you simply can’t miss it: it’s easily spotted and a 2 minute walk from the terminal. It is fully accessible and there is a café and toilets in the visitors centre.

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interior, lyness oil tank, foy

exterior, lyness oil tank, foy

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