Resonant Spaces

Akio Suzuki

Perhaps the most charming, engaging artist I’ve seen, Japanese musician and inventor, instrument builder and shaman Akio Suzuki is probably unknown to most of you. But we think his work is utterly captivating and crucial; it deserves a much bigger audience. Akio has been performing, teaching and building instruments for nearly 40 years. His music is simple and pure, and beautifully unworried by the rules of modern music. He explores nature and how its atmospheres and sounds can be harnessed and then set free, how you can lose yourself in the sound that surrounds us, and how musical creation and beauty exist in all things, in all moments.

“I think of Akio Suzuki as a kind of magician”
David Toop

“Hearing this music, I remember many things, including playing in a puddle as a tiny kid”
Yamatsuka Eye: Boredoms

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photo of Akio Suzuki

photo of Akio Suzuki

photo of Akio Suzuki

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