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2. Poster print image with the caption “capitalism also depends on domestic labour” and an illustration of a factory production line, but instead of factory work, the activity on the production line depicts women undertaking domestic labour, caring for the factory worker at home, in-between leaving and entering the factory.
13 March 2022

Frequency of Touch: the Making of Motherhood

Helen Charman Margaret Salmon

This session focuses in on the defiant mutual aid practices of early and DIY feminist movements in the UK, that attempted to shift and radicalise care and kinship away from the domain of the nuclear family.

Mutual Aid
13 March 2022

Support Not Separation

Ubuntu Women Shelter Legal Action for Women Recovering Justice

How do grassroots feminist organisations strategise relationships between mothers, parents, carers and their children based on respect and empowerment, in resistance to the practice of putting children in often the most uncaring of places – care.

Mutual Aid
portrait of Daniel Oliver, a white man with a brown bushy beard and long brown hair. He is on stage wearing a white shirt and two stripy ties.
12 March 2022

Neurotransgressive Fun Times: Time Travel Dyspractice Workshop

Daniel Oliver

In this workshop we will imagine ourselves as time travellers from a glorious and chaotic neurodivergent-led future.

Mutual Aid
11 March 2022

Prisoner Solidarity in Practice

Prisoner Solidarity Network Glasgow Prisoner Solidarity

How do people both inside and outside of prison work together to dismantle the criminal justice system and build a society based on collective care?

Mutual Aid
Not One Rogue Cop protesters carry a large banner in the middle of a protest during Cop 26 they are being kettled by police whilst peacefully protesting. The banner reads not one rogue cop with a drawing of big red apple with police officers inside it. the apple is being eaten by worms.
11 March 2022

I Have Never Seen a Situation So Dismal That a Policeman Couldn’t Make It Worse

Not One Rogue Cop

A space to reflect on our own experiences with the police and explore more community and care-based ways of dealing with violence and difficulties in our lives.

Mutual Aid
John Lee Clark sits on the beach with a big group of people, all touching
30 June 2021

Introduction to Protactile Theory with John Lee Clark

John Lee Clark

“Introduction to Protactile Theory” is a legendary seminar that facilitator John Lee Clark has designed to bring diverse communities into conversation with the Protactile movement.

Diagrams and drawings on a wall in the DCA Dundee
26 February 2010

Investigation – Summing Up

Summing up of the investigations with a reflection on what has been done that week and what could be done the next.

Kill Your Timid Notion 10
19 November 2017

Improvisation, Make-up and Lip-sync


Underground movement legend boychild hosts this workshop—on improvisation, cosmetics, movement and lip-sync.

Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist
Snapchat of street at night lit with white polythene covered boards
16 November 2017
Many Studios

Anal Panopticon

Huw Lemmey

Two bottomless brunch writing workshops—with readings—speculating the relationship between space, infrastructure, technologies and sex.

Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist
A close up of  trombone horn
14 October 2006
The Arches

Creative Music Workshop

David Dove

Dave will lead a session created for teenagers and designed to stimulate a supportive environment for artistic exploration through music improvisation.