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Nikos and Rhordi wood chipping a cello near a projector
17 – 22 March 2009
The Arches

World Music Documentary

Eva-Maria Houben Fritz Welch Hermann Nitsch Jean-Luc Guionnet Jean-Philippe Gross Jerome Noetinger Joan La Barbara Klaus Filip Michael Pisaro Mico Nikos Veliotis Otomo Yoshihide Phil Minton Radu Malfatti Rhodri Davies Sachiko M Sean Meehan Seymour Wright Steve McCaffery Taku Unami Tamio Shiraishi Tetsuo Kogawa Toshimaru Nakamura

Greek TV company Onos Productions came to INSTAL 09 to document the festival and report on Nikos Veliotis’ Cello Powder performance.

Three men play instruments in various stages of dismantlement
22 March 2009
The Arches

Free-form hook up

Ali Robertson Malcy Duff Seymour Wright

Usurper luddite twins’ disabled instruments play a game of pick-up-sticks with the deconstructed horn of a young Derby opponent.

An alto saxophone lying on a red cloth along with various small objects
22 March 2009
The Arches

Seymour Wright

Seymour Wright

A saxophone. Handheld fans. Shrill squeaks. Splutters, gargling. An incredible diversity of sounds, intensely focused by an inventive musician.

Michael Pisaro smiles into the camera against a light background
21 March 2009
The Arches

An Unrhymed Chord

Aileen Campbell Eva-Maria Houben Jean-Philippe Gross Jerome Noetinger Klaus Filip Michael Pisaro Neil Davidson Nikos Veliotis Radu Malfatti Seymour Wright Taku Unami Toshimaru Nakamura

From really simple, open instructions, An Unrhymed Chord creates a kind of half-way point between composition and improvisation.

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