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Kyla Harris

In front of bright pastel coloured houses, a sun kissed Kyla, a disabled, mixed heritage woman in her 30’s, spins in her power chair and she wears red lipstick, a thick chain necklace and a black dress. Although dynamic and mid-spin, she is relaxed but gleeful.

Artist Events

In a bedroom filled with daylight, Kyla, a mixed heritage woman in her 30s, sits on a raised bed and looks intently through a digital video camera. She films Lou, a white woman in her 20s who sits in Kyla’s power chair for the first time. Lou looks focused as she tries to reverse.
12 March 2022

Watch What Happens Live with Kyla Harris and Lou Macnamara

Lou Macnamara Kyla Harris

In true reality television style, this in-depth artist talk will tackle all the hardest-hitting questions and juiciest details about care, creative collaboration, and disability justice.

Mutual Aid
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