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Burkhard Beins

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Burkhard Beins playing percussion at MLFC 07

Artist Events

John Butcher and Michael Moser playing saxophone and cello at MLFC 07
12 May 2007
The Sage Gateshead


Burkhard Beins John Butcher Martin Brandlmayr Michael Moser Werner Dafeldecker

With a signature spartan sound and long term preoccupation in structural tactics (subtle shifts in density, drawn out stasis) Polwechsel blur the boundaries between individual instruments.

Music Lover’s Field Companion 07
Ulrike Flaig operating equipment by a cathode ray television
11 December 2004

Perlonex & Ulrike Flaig

Burkhard Beins Ignaz Schick Joerg Maria Zeger Ulrike Flaig

Real-time video feedback loops submerged in laminal sheets of sound soaked in gauzy timbral detail and multi-valenced, buzzing overtones.

Kill Your Timid Notion 04