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Artist Events

Three performers on stage, two on electronics and one sings
15 February 2008

Blood Stereo

Blood Stereo Heather Leigh Murray

Goofily deformed, deeply thought vocal jams: like the sound of your own breath rushing through your head.

By blacklight in front of a yellow wall two silhouetted people perform
14 February 2008
The old public library in Easterhouse

Personal Space

Blood Stereo

Avant-wrongdoers Blood Stereo performing in Garthamlock the town spawned them.

Yellow swirls on red: Still from Matt Hulse Film: See Noise Hear Light - Friday
13 October 2006
The Arches

See Noise Hear Light Friday

Blood Stereo Ellen Fullman Jason Lescalleet Ludo Mich Matt Hulse Nmperign Oshiri Penpenz Sean Meehan

Freeform Super 8mm documentation of Friday at Instal 06 by filmmaker Matt Hulse.

Ludo bellowing into a microphone at INSTAL 06
13 October 2006
The Arches

Blood Stereo & Ludo Mich

Blood Stereo Ludo Mich

Blood Stereo & Ludo Mich: linking past and present generations of DIY intuitive expression in a post fluxus ‘big mess’.

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