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Arika have been creating events since 2001. The Archive is space to share the documentation of our work, over 600 events from the past 20 years. Browse the archive by event, artists and collections, explore using theme pairs, or use the index for a comprehensive overview.

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31 Results for Investigation | Information

During KYTN 10 we organised some events that were explicitly billed as Investigations. These were situations where people coming to the festival could access, or get involved with, the processes and concepts some of the artists were using. Here we’re grouping work of that ilk along with projects that explicitly deal with information, perhaps in aesthetic or political terms. A starting point: Graham Harwood’s film lecture about aluminium and it’s place in historical, political and economic structures of power from Episode 1: A Film is a Statement or Ashley Hunt’s performed lecture/documentaryabout Hurricane Katrina.

Rainbow pride heart window decals advertise an offer at a Sunbed shop, Consol
23 November 2019

Future Ruins: transfeminism, austerity and the archives

Jay Bernard Mijke van der Drift Nat Raha

Radical transfeminism aims to hold the space for finding relations between the ruins of the everyday. Emerging from the debris, spaces for politics find form as poetics to carry understandings, actions and be/longings.

Episode 10: A Means Without End
Black and white image of clouds from above showing a fractal pattern
23 November 2019

Vorticity in the Eternal Hum

Alexander Moll Jackie Wang

What’s the relationship between the eternal hum of the oceanic beloved and the persistence of vorticity in fluid dynamics? And how does Alice Coltrane’s harp help us stay there?

Episode 10: A Means Without End
Fernando stands gestures with one arm out, the other hand rests in the crook
22 November 2019

Workshop on Gestural Maths

Fernando Zalamea

Fernando thinks that when maths is deep, it should be simple and able to be explained by hand gestures. By embodying ideas, we’re able to more clearly think about their cultural implications.

Episode 10: A Means Without End
A mesmerising shot of light reflecting, golden, off many hundreds of thin wires
21 November 2019

Corpus Infinitum

Denise Ferreira da Silva

Do ideas emerging from particle physics help to re-think of blackness as a mode of life in which it’s possible to practice difference without separation?

Episode 10: A Means Without End
Drawing of concentric arrows with 3 words in the centre: attacker, helper,victim
19 April 2015

Work Care Class 3 – Care & Revolution

Howard Slater

Final workshop exploring work, care and class. Does the ‘care industry’ summon forth its own class? Can this ‘affective class’, in their ability to care for others, militate against the carelessness of self-interest?

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
Work Care Making Health Work For You and a list of healthcare jobs
18 April 2015

Work Care Class 2 – Care & Therapy

Howard Slater

The second in a series of workshops for workers and non-workers who care. What does the sharing of vulnerability entail? Can such a sharing inform progressive social relations?

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
A B&W collage of workers with a list of healthcare jobs as the background
15 April 2015

Work Care Class 1 – Care & Work

Howard Slater

First in a series of workshops for workers and non-workers who care. Does work that asks us to be attentive to the needs of others force us to sell our capacity for kindness?

Episode 7: We Can’t Live Without Our Lives
Script papers are strewn across a black floor
20 April 2013

No Total

What kind of listening and acknowledging do we offer each other? What is it to listen to an ‘elsewhere’, and do we ever do anything else when we listen to music?

2 May 2012
Whitney Museum of American Art

Temporary outpost for an auditory figure

Brandon LaBelle

A temporary archive and research space tracing the ways in which sound and audition move through everyday life.

A survey is a process of listening
A store front after Hurrican Katrina, chairs are scattered about in the street
23 March 2012

Notes on the Emptying of a City

Ashley Hunt

A dismantled, performed film, where a narrator pieces together the sounds, images and storytelling of a documentary about Hurricane Katrina before a live audience.

Episode 3: Copying without Copying
A scanned picture of a B-52 and its ordinance laid out in the desert
22 January 2012


Hartmut Bitomsky

Hartmut is going to talk a little about his work at large and the politics of how his films are constructed. And we’ll screen one of his best films: B-52.

Episode 1: A Film is a Statement