Resonant Spaces

Hamilton Mausoleum, Hamilton - 29 June 06

arrive for 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00pm

Put simply, Hamilton Mausoleum has the longest reverberation of any building in Europe. It takes 15 seconds for a sound, once made, to die. Think about that for a second, or maybe even 15, and hopefully you’ll get an idea of how bewildering this most odd and striking of buildings sounds.


The Mausoleum is part of Low Parks Museum, 129 Muir Street, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. Some parking is available next to the Mausoleum on Burgoyne Drive: the dome of the Mausoleum is clearly visible, about 1 minutes drive or 5 minutes walk North East of the Museum itself, which has some additional parking. There will be toilets at the Mausoleum. It is not accessible to wheelchairs.

interior shot of Hamilton Mausoleum

exterior shot of Hamilton Mausoleum

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