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Three folks sit around a table looking at Sonia Sanchez as she gesticulates
20 April 2013

The Experiment: Pt. 1

Amiri Baraka Fred Moten Wadada Leo Smith Sonia Sanchez

What happens when you are engaged in a deep and extended artistic practice that intersects between literature and music, notation and improvisation, sight and sound?

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle
A portrait of Fred Moten wearing sunglasses and a cheeky smile
19 April 2013

Fred Moten – Reading

Fred Moten

African American history, avant-garde jazz riffs and activism intertwine in experimental verse of extraordinary and affecting beauty that has to be heard.

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle
long shot of the audience gathered around to take part in the discussion
18 April 2013

A story that cannot be told, yet must be told. Zong! and its context

Fred Moten M. NourbeSe Philip

A conversation between Philip and Moten: how do we read NourbeSe’s anti-narrative poetic lament in Glasgow today, given the city’s role in the history of slavery?

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle Poster Graphic
17 – 21 April 2013

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle

Do art forms like black radical poetry, free jazz and improvisation create a space for the performance of freedom? Did they ever? And can they still do so now?

Several tables covered in white paper have blue chairs around them.
5 May 2012
Whitney Museum of American Art

What is the Sound of Freedom?

Fred Moten Ultra-red

For day four of Ultra-red’s project, the investigation will take up protocols for listening to the sound of freedom composed and facilitated by Fred Moten.

A survey is a process of listening
2 May 2012
Whitney Museum of American Art

A Handbook of Protocols for Literary Listening

Craig Dworkin Vanessa Place

Craig will give a guided reading of his handbook of exemplary instances of literary listening and will be joined by one of the selected authors, Vanessa Place.

A survey is a process of listening
Instal 09 poster
20 – 22 March 2009
The Arches


Looking at and listening to different ideas about sound and music, INSTAL 09’s collection of artists included Tetsuo Kogawa, vocalist Joan La Barbara, Phil Minton (and his Century FC feral choir), Austrian Actionist Hermann Nitsch, Steve McCaffery and many more.

Instal 08 Poster Graphic
14 – 17 February 2008
The Arches


A cast of pioneering and provocative spirits who exist outside the mainstream, between borders and definitions; a series of events that each explore different aspects of music that doesn’t quite fit any given category. INSTAL 08 included the Self-Cancellation project.