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An abstract pattern against a black background
17 February 2006

Christmas Tree Stand

Bruce McClure

A stroboscopic and intense sensory overload of flashing abstract forms, cut to ribbons by modified projectors.

Kill Your Timid Notion 06
Robin Hayward sits whilst playing a tuba with a ball of sand at the horn
15 February 2008
The Arches

Self Cancellation – Sand

Robin Hayward

Robin Hayward – exploring the micro-sounds of a tuba, filling slowly with sand.

Daniel Carter, Andrew Barker & Sabir Mateen performing at MLFC 07
13 May 2007
The Sage Gateshead

Daniel Carter, Andrew Barker & Sabir Mateen

Daniel Carter Sabir Mateen

Daniel Carter & Sabir Mateen’s trio with percussionist Andrew Barker; incessantly driving forward through sweat-drenched bursts of pure ecstatic freedom.

Music Lover’s Field Companion 07