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A man in a cat mask operates musical equipment
15 October 2005
The Arches

Birchville Cat Motel

Birchville Cat Motel

Blissed-out sun-dappled drone ragas of the highest order, with a metal-tinged signature sound of plucked and bowed strings.

A man holding a flying v guitar above his head
14 October 2005
The Arches

Black Boned Angel

Black Boned Angel

Black Boned Angel’s is a rock sound, stripped of all extraneous detail right down to its core, stretched out and nailed to the ceiling.

Bold white text on Red background reads Kill Your Timid Notion
21 – 28 February 2010

Kill Your Timid Notion 10

A mixture of investigation groups, live performances, screenings and installations at DCA; the festival looked to strip back music, sound, film and moving image to their core ideas and explore them with artists and audiences.

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