As a drummer with Fushitsusha, Kosokuya, High Rise, Che-SHIZU, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and a host of others, Ikuro has contributed to some of the great music to be borne of collective sweat in Japan over the last twenty years. For his solo improvisations, he uses tens of small personal alarms and oscillators, which once all going teem in an insectoid, swarming threnody that alters with even the slightest movement on your part: a cocked head enough to set off a whole other head splitting drone. Over these he slowly introduces intense but sparsely placed percussion: perhaps just a snare drum, belted with the heel of a hand, the drumhead pressed under a thumb. It feels like a channeling of energy, drawn of the surroundings and the sound that fills them, directed straight to (or maybe at) the audience.