Resonant Spaces

What's it all about?

Isn't a tour as much about the places you visit as it is about musicians on the road? You travel, you visit places – each one different from the last? We think so, and so we've set out to put together a tour that allows you to experience the environment around you in a different way. To listen to it.

We hope to capture and set free the sound of some of the most exciting and incredible locations in Scotland. Locations that resonate and echo, or that have fantastic ambient sounds or dense, near endless reverberations. We're working with musicians who have a special interest in the sound of a space, of your place within it; both have the ability to create magical and charming, intense and often very moving performances. These won't be like an average live gig, but then don't you find that the greatest experiences happen where you least expect them. In the oddest of places.

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