Live Captions
All events will have live captions. This involves the verbatim transcription by a captioner of dialogue into text form as it is spoken live. 
When possible, this transcript will be available to download after the event. 
All films that are screening will have subtitles.
British Sign Language
All events will have British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation. One BSL interpreter will be pinned so that you will always be able to see them in each event. 
Audio Description 
Some of the events will be audio described. 
We are speaking to people who can best advise us on how to do this in early January, and will update this information once we have a more complete picture (later in January)  
Fund for Childcare, Carers & Support Workers
Support towards the cost of childcare, carers or support workers is available on a first come first served basis for those who need it to be able to attend any of these events. This is a limited fund that we will try to spread across different sessions.
We will pay you:
£15 per 1 hour session
£22.50 per 90 minute session
Unfortunately, due to high international banking fees, we can only offer this to people based in the UK. The money will be paid directly into your bank account or alternative arrangements can be made if required. We are unable to book childcare, carers or support workers on your behalf. Please make your own arrangements. 
To access this fund please email and let us know:
- Which sessions you need support funding for
- How you would like to be paid
- Your payment details 
Fund for Phone Data Costs
Mobile phone top-ups are available for people in the UK who need it to attend the events. This will be provided at £10 per person, on a first come first served basis. 
To access this fund, please email and let us know: 
- Your phone company provider 
- Your contact details for passing on the data top-up information
Additional Access Support
If you require any additional access support not listed above, please contact us as soon as possible at and we will work with you to support you in whatever ways we can.