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Watch What Happens Live with Kyla Harris and Lou Macnamara

Kyla Harris & Lou Macnamara
11:00–12:00 Sat 12 Mar
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Kyla requires 24 hour care with everything from making artwork to having a wee; struggling with a care shortage during the pandemic, she asked filmmaker friend Lou to swap cameras for catheters and learn how to assist her in a reality tv challenge. Out of this experience, Kyla and Lou produced It’s Personal: Episode One, a reality tv show that gives a refreshingly personal perspective of the global care crisis, the necessity of friendship and what it means to truly care for each other. 
In true reality television style, join the two stars of It’s Personal for an in-depth interview where they ask each other all the questions they’ve never previously faced. Kyla and Lou will tackle hard-hitting discussions head-on, revealing surprising facts, shocking insights and divulging all the juiciest details about care, creative collaboration and disability justice. Like all the best reunions, by the end nothing is left on the table!


Kyla Harris is a filmmaker and writer who is co-creator and co-writer of a comedy series in development with Roughcut TV and Channel 4. Kyla founded The Other Screen – a provocative event dedicated to the discourse of the perception of disabled people and the d/Deaf community. Through film discussion and interaction, The Other Screen illuminates how representations of disabled people and the Deaf community are formed.
Lou Macnamara works as a cinematographer and camera assistant. They co-directed and shot the critically acclaimed Keenie Meenie (2020), a documentary described by Ken Loach as: “Important, dangerous and must be screened.”