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Neurotransgressive Fun Times: Time Travel Dyspractice Workshop

13:30–15:00 Sat 12 Mar
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In this workshop we will imagine ourselves as time travelers from a glorious and chaotic neurodivergent-led future. 
This is a playful, creative world-building workshop that will involve imaginative, practical tasks for groups and individuals. We will use performance, panic, and paper to figure out what kinds of radical revolutions might accidentally emerge from our neurodivergent modes of being, creating, and doing. 

Daniel Oliver is a dyspraxic performance artist creating awkward participatory worlds, they are unashamedly dyspraxic, embracing his slightly off-kilter relationship with co-ordination, social interaction and executive planning. He is a Lecturer in Socially Engaged Performance at Queen Mary University, London, UK. He has been making up calamitous participatory performance art worlds across the UK and overseas since 2003. Recent performances include Weird Séance, a fun and raucous performance where everyone dies; Chiperalataartparty, which explores dyspraxic time-travel and a post-apocalyptic neurodivergent (dys)utopia; and Dadderrs, a collaboration with his wife, choreographer Frauke Requardt, that focuses on ADHD, dyspraxia, marriage, and parenting. He is currently developing a performance adaptation of the boardgame he made during lockdown, which was based on a bawdy anxiety dream about a running performance art festival where you have to do all the performances yourself. He has recently edited and published a book on his practice called Awkwoods: Daniel Oliver’s Dyspraxic Adventures in Contemporary Participatory Performance, published by the Live Art Development Agency.