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I Have Never Seen a Situation So Dismal That a Policeman Couldn’t Make It Worse

Not One Rogue Cop
14:00–15:30 Fri 11 Mar

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At a time of ever-increasing police powers (via COVID legislation, Spy Cops Bill and the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill) this workshop gives a current introduction to the structural role, abuses of power and lack of scrutiny of Police Scotland. It highlights how this legislation plays out in Scotland, in the context of no public inquiry or body with due oversight. It opens up space for us all to reflect on our own experiences with the police and explore more community and care-based ways of dealing with violence and difficulties in our lives. In Not One Rogue Cop the emphasis is on collectively working to find solutions to oppression and state violence – everyone has insight to bring.
Not One Rogue Cop is a new campaigning group investigating and publicising the attitudes and behaviour of the Police Service of Scotland towards women, working class communities, Black communities, disabled people and others.