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Chosen Kin: Making Our Loyalties

Claricia Parinussa & Mai’a Williams
19:00–20:30 Sun 13 Mar
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Claricia Parinussa and Mai’a Williams engage in an exploratory conversation ranging over questions of revolutionary motherhood and queer kinship. 
How can we envision and create communities anew, based on principles of love that knows the circumstantial power of sacrifice but is also resolute in its resistance to oppression…that respects individual autonomy whilst seeking to meet fuller collective needs? What can larger revolutionary movements learn from practices of motherhood? How do communities formed under the duress of violent othering and the joy of solidarity - such as ballroom culture, black diasporas, zapatistas - reform bonds of kinship? 


Claricia Parinussa and/or [nussatari] is an interdisciplinary artist with a body-based practice encapsulating movement, performance, research, writing, producing and community organising (including within the House | Ballroom community).
Mai’a Williams is a US based writer, poet and mother who has long term involvement in international solidarity movements, community organising and revolutionary journalism in Ecuador, Venezuela, Egypt, Palestine, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Chiapas, Mexico. She initiated the Outlaw Midwives movement and has written extensively on revolutionary motherhood.