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Full Festival Pass

Please note: Daniel Oliver's Workshop Neurotransgressive Fun Times on Saturday 12 March must be booked seperately - this is due to the workshop having specific preperation requests from the artist. If you book a full festival pass and would like to attend this workshop, please also book an additional ticket here


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Wednesday 9 March
Friday 11 March
Saturday 12 March 
Sunday 13 March 


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Wednesday 09 March

Mutual Aid on the Road to Abolition
Dean Spade with Abolitionist Futures

Friday 11 March

I Have Never Seen a Situation So Dismal That a Policeman Couldn’t Make It Worse
Not One Rogue Cop


Prisoner Solidarity in Practice
Glasgow Prisoner Solidarity (GPS) and Prisoner Solidarity Network (PSN)


Gesturing to What is Possible: Drugs Users Supporting Each Other
Aura Roig, Peter Krykant, Juan Fernández Ochoa

Saturday 12 March

Watch What Happens Live with Kyla Harris and Lou Macnamara
Kyla Harris and Lou Macnamara


Neurotransgressive Fun Times: Time Travel Dyspractice Workshop
Daniel Oliver 


Carolyn Lazard & Constantina Zavitsanos in Conversation
Carolyn Lazard & Constantina Zavitsanos


Love Hangover
Eli Clare, Hil Malatino, hosted by Nat Raha

Sunday 13 March

Support Not Separation
Legal Action for Women, Recovering Justice and Ubuntu Women Shelter


Frequency of Touch: the Making of Motherhood
Helen Charman 
Featuring Ninna Nanna | Dir. Margaret Salmon 


Chosen Kin: Making Our Loyalties
Mai’a Williams, Miss Major and Claricia Revlon