Seated in her wheelchair, Alice Sheppard, crosses her crutches in front of her
Alice Sheppard from solo work Where Good Souls Fear by Lisa Niedermeyer
Dance Performance

Where Good Souls Fear

Alice Sheppard
20:30–21:00 Sat 13 Apr
Performance Space New York
 / New York


Tickets - Sliding Scale. Available in advance, or on the door if not sold out. This ticket allows you to attend all the events on Saturday evening.

Even when performing solo Alice Sheppard arrives as an ensemble (and the ensemble comes for her too). An occasion for commotion, this piece’s chorus of motions is intended to be felt as much as anything else. Sheppard is here to stage scenes in excess of joy or equilibrium so that we may follow her into a crip love so deep it doubles down on the very notion of dance. Her choreography will overtake you there on your way to Where Good Souls Fear by rotating your revolutions and then some.

Where Good Souls Fear is an investigation of excess and minimalism, provoking questions about who or what is too much. Ranging through lyrical floorwork to an explosion of furious movement, Good Souls challenges what we think we know of propriety for black women. Sheppard's choreography is a rigorous excavation of body, disability and various mobility technologies.

Alice Sheppard saw Homer Avila, a disabled dancer, perform in 2004. Avila dared her to take a dance class. She did, and she loved moving so much that she resigned her academic professorship at Pennsylvania State University in order to begin a career in dance. Alice creates movement that challenges conventional understandings of disabled and dancing bodies. Engaging with disability arts, culture, and history, she attends to the complex intersections of disability, gender, and race by exploring the societal and cultural significance of difference. Alice is the founder and artistic lead for Kinetic Light, a project which shows how mobility - literal, physical, and conceptual - is fundamental to participation in civic life.

Music by Dan Wool. Video by Dahkil Hausif.

Event Specific Access Notes

This work includes a specifically created audio description track, incorporating various soundtrack and descriptive elements. Headsets will be available at the 4th floor welcome desk.

A few SUBPAC units will be available to use by people who might like to feel the music that’s being heard. Worn like a low-profile backpack, SUBPACs pulse sound through your body. These can be reserved in advance or requested on the day if units are available.

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Image Description: Seated in her wheelchair, Alice Sheppard, crosses her crutches in front of her body and arches her spine to look, almost shocked, behind her. The photo itself is set up as a mirror reflection. Alice looks back at herself as her crutches disappear into each other in a seamless touchpoint.