NEVE reclining dramatically on a pink lit stage infront of a manual wheelchair
Photo of NEVE performing Tender Provocations. Photo by Dorothea Tuch

Lover of Low Creatures

21:00–21:30 Thu 11 Apr
Performance Space New York
 / New York


Tickets - Sliding Scale. Available in advance, or on the door if not sold out. This ticket allows you to attend all the events on Thursday evening from 8-10pm.


NEVE flows bads so good you don’t even know. This invisible theorist sings language-motion-healing as far as the Nile is close. Together, we’ll get heavy to float on water older than our ancestorswho are here too. NEVE’s art is an invitation to pray this sway and here, drawn open, comes a solo cabaret.

Lover of Low Creatures is a new take on musical and dance theatre, a solo cabaret, and a spiritual ritual take on coming of age and sexual healing. Snow is a mixed race (Sudanese Nubian and Scottish American), physically disabled girl growing up in a forest on a river near a town. Snow and her mother are scientists, artists, and witches in tune with each other and the natural world. But underneath the flow of their routine, is an entity, or entities, very ancient, and very much alive, following Snow, that she is afraid to face, most of all because she has reason to believe her fate is intricately tied to it, in a way her mother’s is not. A dramatic lens on elementary school revelations, a darkly humorous take on sexual trauma and what magical and ancestral tools might heal it, Lover of Low Creatures is much like the Nile it references - an ocean posing as a river, a river that feels like the sea. 

Neve Kamilah Mazique-Bianco, or NEVE, is a Black (specifically Sudanese, even more specifically Nubian) punk disabled queer fairy beast. A certified personal trainer and integrated dance teacher - Neve cares about the welfare and equitable access to joy, sensuality, community, self-expression, and liberation of all bodies. Especially animals. Neve received multiple film and theatre directing awards in 2017, from East Bay Express in Oakland, the Toronto International Porn Festival, and from the Seattle Gender Justice League. In spring 2018, Neve joined the artistic board of directors of PlayThey Studios, a media and event production cooperative company of queer/trans/Black/disabled and otherwise marginalized artists building celebratory spaces in Seattle. 

Event Specific Access Notes

ASL and Real-Time Captioning (CART) for all spoken and sung text.

The performance will have Audio Described elements. Headsets will be available at the 4th floor welcome desk.

If you have any questions or access requests, please email

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Created by and Starring: NEVE

Directed by: Sara Porkalob

Co-Produced by: Velocity Dance Center, Neve Kamilah Mazique-Bianco, and PlayThey Studios

Sponsored by: The Seattle Office of Arts and Culture

Second in the Big River, Not the Sea Trilogy by Neve Kamilah Mazique-Bianco

Full length version premiering May 9-12 at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle


Image Description: Shot from below we see NEVE reclining dramatically on a pink lit stage, one tattoed arm aloft, one leg outstretched. They are wearing a light blue vest top with tassles. Also on the stage is their manual wheelchair. A large plant and a mirrorball complete the scene.