A person DJ with purple and green images projected behind them
Juliana Huxtable

Refuse Powers’ Grasp Club - We Will Rise Fundraiser

Juliana Huxtable, Elysia Crampton & boychild
23:00 Fri 21–03:00 Sat 22 Oct
The Art School
 / Glasgow

£6 on the door or free for friends in the asylum system

All ticket income goes directly to We Will Rise - a group of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and their allies who have come together to End Immigration Detention in the UK.

Juliana Huxtable (3-Hour DJ set)

A ‘cyborg, cunt, priestess, witch, Nuwaubian princess’ and DJ. Her nightlife gender project Shock Value, variously tagged #FULLSPECTRUMRAGE #FTMTF #FEMALEVALIDATION #TRANSENCOURAGED #STRAIGHTFRIENDLY #GAYFRIENDLY, is a mainspring of the NYC queer sub-underground.

Elysia Crampton (DJ set)

Transfiguring Latinix social musics like huayño and cumbia with hypnotic percussion and trap chants, Elysia creates a queer, trans-femme, techno-futurist social music at the fringes of genres, times and histories.

boychild (Performance)

A fusing of knotted butoh, lip-synch and stroboscopic drag, we experience these performances as if there were a collection of exhausted bodies struggling to stand up inside and animate boychild’s flesh, while trying to remember what bliss feels like.  

The Club is £6, or free for friends in the asylum system / in the struggle for papers, just mention this on the door. Tickets available on the door, on the night, no advance sales.

Juliana Huxtable

We think Juliana exists as a kind of emanation of an international sub-underground social entanglement that expands beyond categories of identity or authenticity. She produces and collaborates on a borderless array of self-portraiture, poetry, text-based prints, performance, writing, revolutionary queer club music and parties, high and low fashion, poetry, DJing, and our absolute favourite tumblr [julianahuxtable.tumblr.com]. She’s shown her visual work and performed at many of North America’s major arts institutions inc. MoMA PS1, Whitney Museum of American Art and the New Museum 2015 Triennial; modelled for Hood by Air, DKNY, Eckhaus Latta, BCALLA and is one of the faces of H&M’s upcoming collaboration with French fashion house Kenzo; runs one of the coolest queer parties in New York (Shock Value), has DJ’d at many of the best international, queer club nights, including Ghe20g0th1k, and is a key figure in that same international genderqueer revolution in dance music that Elysia Crampton also contributes to.

Elysia Crampton

Drawing on her USA/ Bolivian roots, Elysia’s music is playing a leading role in the current international genderqueer revolution taking place in dance music, and has deeply affected us over the past year.  Her thrilling DJ sets and recent albums American Drift and Demon City create a borderless space where abolitionist collages synthesise a superabundance of underrepresented histories, geographies, musical genres and cultural references. These include queer Andean pasts; Aymara oral histories; sonic explorations of brownness as a kind of Latina geology; and the Bolivian abolitionist revolutionary martyr for indigenous sovereignty Bartolina Sisa. 


boychild is a performance and full-body make up artist. Their performances fuse the gestures of non-western cultures, medicine men, shamans, and genderfluid witches as they negotiate a physical flight from insidious systematic violence towards love and bliss.  They first worked with Arika at Episode 5, and have performed at MoMA PS1, the club spaces Ghe20g0th1k and Berghain, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, MOCA Los Angeles, and MOMA Warsaw. boychild has collaborated with Mykki Blanco, Korakrit Arunanondchai and Wu Tsang, as well as the streetwear label Hood By Air. 

We Will Rise

“We Will Rise is a group of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and their allies who have come together in Glasgow to organise and take direct action against the systems, institutions, and corporations who contribute to our oppression. We are the movement we want to see. We aim to take on all forms of oppression, including between ourselves. We aim to empower those most affected by migration barriers - to lead a movement for change, and for allies to work effectively with them. We also want to build connections and share experiences with our allies. We will tackle racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and all forms of oppression. Our regular protests at Dungavel will aim to embody our principles. Reform is not the answer: we want abolition. We expect our allies to respect our politics and work with us towards these ends.”