Two people looking very happy
CeCe McDonald and Joshua Allen


CeCe McDonald & Joshua Allen
11:30–13:00 Sat 22 Oct
 / Glasgow

The #BlackExcellenceTour is a collaborative social justice project that uses art, activism and awareness to combat the systemic oppression facing young, trans, queer & gender nonconforming people of colour. As a form of Ratchet Intellectualism, CeCe and Joshua will tease out the nuanced realities of living at the intersections of marginal identities, engaging the audience in a dialogue of personal anecdotes and musings on contemporary politics.

Joshua Allen

Joshua is an organiser and abolitionist whose work revolves around issues of race, gender and policing. Through direct action, public intervention and movement building they commit their being to building a world without cages. Joshua is being heralded as leading the cutting edge of new racial and gender justice movements for a freer society; as a result they have been invited to organise, speak and workshop in countries across the world.

CeCe McDonald

One of the most electric public speakers we know, CeCe is a prison-reform activist, speaker and icon in the LGBTQ community. Rising to international recognition after surviving a white supremacist attack, her imprisonment, an act of transphobia and racism against a woman who defended herself, instigated an international campaign for her release. Experiencing the inhumane treatment of prisoners firsthand served to strengthen CeCe’s resolve to become a transgender leader. Since her release she has become a vital and brilliant voice of trans-resistance, using storytelling to articulate the personal and political implications of being both black and trans. She fosters important conversations around mass incarceration, sexuality and violence and is the star of the recently released feature length documentary about her life and story, Free Cece!