Wed 20 Nov
  • Screening
    A jagged bluff of rocks juts out into a grey and moody sea as waves lap at shore

    4 Waters: Deep Implicancy

    Denise Ferreira da Silva & Arjuna Neuman
    19:30–20:00 Wed 20 Nov
     / Tramway

    What would a world and an ethics look like free from the destructive consequences of the Western mind?

  • Discussion
    A shot of murky green and brown water with several rectangular bricks submerged

    All and at once

    Denise Ferreira da Silva, Arjuna Neuman, Fred Moten, Wu Tsang
    20:30–21:45 Wed 20 Nov
     / Tramway

    Why won’t the idea of the particle or individual go away? Is the measurement problem in physics a documentary film issue? What can a human be without its crutches of life-time and measure?

Thu 21 Nov
  • Study Session
    A mesmerising shot of light reflecting, golden, off many hundreds of thin wires

    Corpus Infinitum

    Denise Ferreira da Silva
    13:00–15:30 Thu 21 Nov
     / Tramway

    Do ideas emerging from particle physics help to re-think of blackness as a mode of life in which it’s possible to practice difference without separation?

  • Study Session
    From left to right, moving from the longest to the shortest, are drawn the world

    Entangling history, phenomenology, metaphysics, culture, and mathematics: the model RTSK

    Fernando Zalamea
    16:00–18:00 Thu 21 Nov
     / Tramway

    Profound mathematical ideas for romantics, to help us linger in the difference we share.

  • Exhibition Opening
    Someone hands are bound in maybe 15 different, irregularly knotted ropes

    Gravitational Feel: Opening Performance

    Fred Moten & Wu Tsang
    19:00–20:00 Thu 21 Nov
     / Tramway

    Gravitational Feel is an engine for intensifying the differentiation of our entanglement, which you continually reprogramme in the mutual rub, shift and lap of its sonic, wooden, steel, textile and human material.

  • Discussion
    An engraving of a waving figure standing atop a large whale

    In the Sign of Jonah: Around Moby-Dick

    Laura Harris & Fernando Zalamea
    20:00–21:00 Thu 21 Nov
     / Tramway

    “The miracle of Herman Melville is this: that a hundred years ago in Moby Dick…he painted a picture of the world in which we live, which is to this day unsurpassed.” -  C. L. R. James

  • Screening
    A member of Ueinzz wears a blue head wrap and looks out to sea

    Mobedique Hors Acvé

    21:30–22:30 Thu 21 Nov
     / Tramway

    A community of those without community, for a community to come. A schizo-scenic video-collage of the disturbing ‘normality’ of Moby Dick.

Fri 22 Nov
  • Installation
    Tens of silken knotted ropes in shades of gold and blue hang vertically

    Exhibition: Gravitational Feel

    Wu Tsang & Fred Moten
    12:00 Fri 22–09:45 Sun 24 Nov
     / Tramway

    How do we sense entanglement? Can the knotting of ropes according to a poem’s rhythm make the social pulse of language matter? 

  • Study Session
    Fernando reclines in a wooden chair in a library.

    Workshop on Gestural Maths

    Fernando Zalamea
    14:00–16:00 Fri 22 Nov
     / Tramway

    Fernando thinks that when maths is deep, it should be simple and able to be explained by hand gestures. By embodying ideas, we’re able to more clearly think about their cultural implications.

  • Study Session
    Overlayed image of blown-up newspaper text and a green table with wooden chairs

    Eddie George & Dhanveer Brar

    Dhanveer Brar & Edward George
    16:30–18:00 Fri 22 Nov
     / Tramway

    There’s a reason capitalist society, obsessed with ownership, quantity and location, is so terrified of smugglers and their radical unlocatability, their sharing on the move. On the lam, in flight, we’re all smuggling something.

  • Reading
    A drawing of a blue figure who holds their head in their hand as blood spurts

    States of the Body Produced by Love

    Nisha Ramayya
    19:00–19:30 Fri 22 Nov
     / Tramway

    In Ramayya’s visionary poetry, the body assumes as many forms as love produces states: attraction and repulsion, excitement and exhaustion, selfishness and the dissolution of self.

  • Discussion
    Paul Klee's Angelus Novus painting is framed by box shapes with black borders

    Poetry, Mathematics, Debris

    Nathaniel Mackey, Fred Moten, Fernando Zalamea
    20:00–21:30 Fri 22 Nov
     / Tramway

    How do poetry and maths stitch together pictures of our fractured situation from its wreckage and relics, from the debris of hope and the well of residues that make us what we are?

  • Performance
    A crop of a crossword puzzle two words highlighted in yellow Cottonmouth Liturgy

    Cottonmouth Liturgy

    Jackie Wang & Alexander Moll
    22:00–22:30 Fri 22 Nov
     / Tramway

    A multi-media harp and spoken word tribute to the incalculable, the in-deducible, the suspicious static noise that accompanies the voice of truth, and the attempted aberrations in the domain of emergence.

Sat 23 Nov
  • Study Session
    Fred Moten in the middle of speaking, gesturing with a raised right hand.

    Discussion on Mathopoetics

    Fred Moten & Fernando Zalamea
    14:00–16:00 Sat 23 Nov
     / Tramway

    A back and forth between Fred and Fernando on the transits and obstructions between mathematics and poetics, and how both help us to think from the other side.

  • Study Session
    Black and white image of clouds from above showing a fractal pattern

    Vorticity in the Eternal Hum

    Jackie Wang & Alexander Moll
    16:30–18:00 Sat 23 Nov
     / Tramway

    What’s the relationship between the eternal hum of the oceanic beloved and the persistence of vorticity in fluid dynamics? And how does Alice Coltrane’s harp help us stay there?

  • Performative Conversation
    Hands describe a gesture, left hand loosely pointing down, the right curled over

    Borders between Mathematics, Gestures and Dance

    boychild & Fernando Zalamea
    19:00–19:45 Sat 23 Nov
     / Tramway

    How do we gesture to the invisible, the trans or the obscure? A performative conversation between boychild and Fernando, a sharing of gestures, and a bodily back and forth between mathematician and dance artist.

  • Discussion
    Rainbow pride heart window decals advertise an offer at a Sunbed shop, Consol

    Future Ruins: transfeminism, austerity and the archives

    Jay Bernard, Nat Raha, Mijke van der Drift
    20:15–21:40 Sat 23 Nov
     / Tramway

    Radical transfeminism aims to hold the space for finding relations between the ruins of the everyday. Emerging from the debris, spaces for politics find form as poetics to carry understandings, actions and be/longings.

  • Dance Performance
    Two forearms rise into the frame, hands gesturing in front of a band of light

    Untitled Hand Dance

    22:00–22:40 Sat 23 Nov
     / Tramway

    “Hidden in the hands an alluvial transcription of reach and embrace. The final flickers of the body’s expression, caress and touch.” -  boychild

Sun 24 Nov
  • Study Session
    Two abstract images merge. Earth coloured circles. Traces of particle decay.

    The utterly in common, or bodies of colour in the flesh

    Nisha Ramayya & James Goodwin
    14:00–15:30 Sun 24 Nov
     / Tramway

    “Beginning where you and me ends, where we don’t so much come but are already here.” Join James and Nisha to talk about breath, erotics and flesh, about our social, poetic cosubstantiality.

  • Study Session
    The top of a deep green door with large metal spikes and foliage behind.

    Multilogics and Poetics of Radical Transfeminism

    Mijke van der Drift & Nat Raha
    16:00–18:00 Sun 24 Nov
     / Tramway

    Underlying radical transfeminism, as an urgent critique of binary essentialism and fixed identities, is the call for a new kind of thinking that can move between and integrate the truths of all lives in their transformations.

  • Performance
    Silhouette of a person in front of a blue background overlaid with blurry light

    Something Said

    Jay Bernard
    19:00–19:25 Sun 24 Nov
     / Tramway

    Haunted by the archive of the New Cross Fire, Jay Bernard presents a film and poetry reading that undertakes a queer exploration of black British history, reconstructed from archives and apparent debris.

  • Performance
    A gloomy pond with dark rushes reflect a grey light. A pink lens flare

    aspects caught in the headspace we’re in

    James Goodwin
    19:30–20:00 Sun 24 Nov
     / Tramway

    Goodwin’s writing emanates from the social life of poetry, from a condition of entanglement before historically racially-specific forms of representation. Another word for this emanation is breath.

  • Performance
    Nat Raha holds up a hand as she reads. She wears black lace top and red lipstick


    Nat Raha
    20:30–21:00 Sun 24 Nov
     / Tramway

    Transfeminist, communist, revolutionary poetry that refuses to flinch. Nat Raha presents new work in the nine.

  • Performance
    Nate is shown from the waist up, leaning against a fence, wearing a navy t-shirt

    Nathaniel Mackey

    Nathaniel Mackey
    21:15–22:00 Sun 24 Nov
     / Tramway

    “Mackey composes realist-mythic layering of lyrical prose unlike anything being written today.” — New York Times. “Our greatest living epic poet…Mackey’s poetry and criticism have reinvented modernism for our time.”— LitHub