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AMM in a hallway or a hotel foyer leather jackets and smiles
23 November 2003
The Arches


Eddie Prevost John Tilbury Keith Rowe

AMM have undoubtedly been among the most important contributors to the UK free improv scene for nearly 40 years and we are extremely proud to be able to be working with such distinguished musicians who still rarely play live in the UK.

A close up, black & white portrait of John Tilbury, in a large fedora hat
19 April 2013

John Tilbury

John Tilbury

What does it mean to listen with the mind as well as the ears? A solo performance from the great avant-garde pianist.

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle
John Tilbury plays a piano whilst Wadada Leo Smith plays a trumpet
19 April 2013

Wadada Leo Smith & John Tilbury

John Tilbury Wadada Leo Smith

How might two of the great musicians working within contrasting traditions of freedom collaborate? What might this produce: musically, socially, allegorically?

Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle