Nostalgia Mosaikmechanique

Briefly: what's it going to be like?

A programme that looks at how sound and image can be treated as variants in a collection of ordered objects; at how to create meaning from the similar, and to notice difference.

In More Detail:

Each of the films in the programme explore different ways of navigating a set collection of experiences, reminiscences or actions. Included here is Frampton’s masterfull (nostalgia), which sets up a situation in which you the viewer are thrown into three temporal spaces at once: recalling what was said 2 minutes ago, relating it to what is now seen, imagining what will be seen. It’s a sophisticated yet simple example of how what is heard and what is seen can be contrasted to create a “chord”, a third temporal/ mental space. Don’t miss it!

(nostalgia) Hollis Frampton, USA, 1971, 16mm 36:00min
Mosaik Mécanique Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Austria, 2007, 35mm, 9:30min
Surround (360 objects) Christof Migone, Canada, 2006, video, 1:00min
Twenty Five Sam Woodyards Graham Dolphin, UK, 2007, video, 4:00min
P (60 seconds) Christof Migone, Canada, 2006, video, 1:00min
 Ryszard Wasko,
Poland, 1974, 16mm, 8:00min