the festival

Main Festival

So then these pages right here give you an idea of the festival: the artists, films, installations, talks and so on. . .

I've1 tried to write them in a pretty informal way, to let you know what it might be like, and why we've chosen to put these things on. Fundamentally we've chosen to work with these artists for personal reasons: because we find them exciting, inspiring, and all that. We don't programme anything because we don't like it now, do we?

Of course, all of this is very much just my opinion, and you might feel differently. But then wouldn't that be great: we could have a chat about it, you could point out where I'm totally wrong about some stuff (in your opinion), we might agree, we might not. But that's life, it's good to disagree; change needn't be borne of consensus. The main thing is that we hope each of these performances/ screenings/ whatever provoke something in you, as they have in us.

See you there then.

[1] Barry from Arika