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Your eyes see what, like 10 or 15 images a second; that’s 10Hz. Your ears can hear 15,000 Hz. Surely there must be something interesting in this incongruity.

KYTN is one of Europe’s leading festivals of sound and image. It’s all about exploring the many different ways we navigate the borders, disparities and similarities between what we hear and what we see. It involves some of the great experimental artists, musicians and filmmakers of our time, and some of the not too distant future also. It features film developed as its projected, visual harmonics, jerry rigged 16mm projectors, movement without motion, absurd concrete poetry, your chance to inhabit 3 distinct points in time all at once and much more besides...


KYTN Supporters


Edwin Carels, Xavier Bardon, Charlotte Wolman, Eva Riehl, Brunhild Ferrari, Keith Sanborn, Mark Webber, Dino Martino and all at DM Audio, Centre Pompidou, Gordon Rogers, Moira Payne, Gair Dunlop and Dan Norton at Duncan of Jordanstone, Joel Chadabe and Jessica Schmitz at Electronic Music Foundation, David Leister, Anthology Film Archives, Zoe Irvine, Adam Lockhart and Jane Cumberlidge at VRC, Mike Spurlinger and all at the Lux, National Film Board of Canada, Cinematheque Brussels, Jerome Noetinger at Metamkine, All at Whitespace, Coob, Tamara Van Strijthem, Iain Lindsay, Cameron Duncan, Harris Academy, Tamsin Mendelsohn, Stuart Thomas and Stephen Palmer at Scottish Arts Council and Morgan Petrie, Sambrooke Scott and Jennifer Armitage at Scottish Screen.

Arika would particularly like to thank all the staff at DCA.