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Collective Learning


Evacuation of the Great Learning Workshop Series

Thursday 11

  • 19:30-23:00Tramway 1 Under Balcony

Saturday 13

  • 10:00-13:30Tramway Studio

Sunday 14

  • 10:00-13:30Tramway Studio

We are asking that if you sign up for these workshops, that you make a commitment to attend all three, not just one.

To register please email info@arika.org.uk


You. Well, you know who you are. Ray is one of the most interesting radical philosophers in Europe3. Mattin is a noise musician and improviser with a super-keen eye for exposing the power relations, social conditions and assumptions in music and how it’s presented, engaged, thought about...Glasgow Open School is an autonomous and ongoing, open and critical situation for shared learning, run by/ for/ with self-organizing young artists and thinkers.


Three workshops leading up to an open invitation to improvise with the festival as concert. The last four hours of the Sunday 14 at Instal 10 will be devoted to presentations devised during the three workshops. The material conditions (time, space, facilities...) are the instruments, from there anything can happen. Everybody is welcome.


Mattin and three other artists4 did a similar kind of thing at our KYTN festival this year, and it was one of the most exciting performance we have put on in ages. So we want to try and go further.

It’s the most radical thing we can do: a major experiment with the ideas of experimental music, music festivals, and how they relate to our situation; and an anarchistic collective ‘performance’ that we have no control over.

And however unlikely and un-musical the outcome might seem, (and maybe the last hours of INSTAL will be almost unrecognizable as noise, or as improvisation as we hear it today), if we take the ideas of improvisation and noise seriously, then whatever we do will be radically, immanently and exactly that; it will be a noise concert, it will be improvisation, and it will be music.


  • To start, Ray and Mattin will ask some questions and try to answer them with Glasgow Open School, other artists at the festival and (we hope) you.
  • That questioning will start before the festival and continue through and beyond it. Glasgow Open School will meet up regularly to think through these questions.
  • Then, during INSTAL, there will be three workshops.
  • The people at the workshops will be handed responsibility for the final hours of INSTAL: to put their investigations into action (performance, discussion: it’s up to the them/ you).
  • So: the final 3 or 4 hours of INSTAL 10 will be totally self-organised by this group: a putting into action the results of their discussions. A festival within a festival. A Non-Festival, if you like.
  • We’re then all invited to join Glasgow Open School from Monday 15 – Friday 20 Nov, as they continue the investigation.
  • We are asking that if you sign up for these workshops, that you make a commitment to attend all three, not just one. It is also important that you are able to be at the festival on Sunday evening.
  • There is a limited capcity for these FREE workshops, so if you are interested, you should register by emailling info@arika.org.uk.
  • If you would like to find out more about the workshops and what they might entail, email info@arika.org.uk



Idioms and Idiots 1

Idioms and Idiots 2

Idioms and Idiots 3


Day Pass = £10
Festival Pass = £25
Early Bird Festival Pass = £20

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