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Collective Learning


Before or after finitude?
Electronic music, time, thought, the world, and consecutive matters…

Saturday 13

  • 18:00-18:45Tramway 4

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INSTAL 10 artists Catherine Christer Hennix and Florian Hecker, chatting to Barry from Arika and Robin MacKay.

Robin is the editor of Collapse15, the most interesting (and most interestingly radical) journal of research and development in contemporary thought, and required reading in our house16.


Hecker and Hennix both make some of the most advanced electronic music we've heard or thought about. Both are inspired by radical philosophical and mathematical systems of thought, but perhaps from very different schools or stances when it comes to: time, thought and the world, infinity, and so on…


Did you know that probing the seamy underbelly of 20th Century mathematics reveals ideological strife and controversy and intrigue and nastiness and fervour on a quite shocking scale? Did you know that whatever side you come down on reveals an awful lot about where (for e.g.) you put human thought in relation to the world, or what kind of advanced, mind-expanding electronic music you might make.1718



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