What's it all about?

A 3-day festival of experimental music, sound and performance. This year we've pulled in a clutch of artists to create a series of events that each explore different aspects of music that doesn't quite fit any given category.

What this requires of you

An open mind, an interest in things that don't fit into the normal, given categories, and to be in Glasgow between the 15th and 17th Feb 2008. Not much else. Well, let's be honest; you'll need a ticket. But we've made them real cheap: a mere tenner for a day or 25 quid for the whole lot. But then that's not much; it's cheaper than last year.

Call 0141 565 1000 or visit www.thearches.co.uk to book your tickets, find out where the Arches is, how to get there, accessibility and the like.

Thank you

Many thanks to all our supporters.

Where to stay

If you're needing accommodation in Glasgow during the fest, we have some ideas.