Thu 16 Nov
  • Workshop
    Snapchat of street at night lit with white polythene covered boards

    Anal Panopticon - Workshop 2

    Huw Lemmey
    13:30–15:00 Thu 16 Nov
     / Many Studios

    Second bottomless brunch writing workshop—with readings—speculating the relationship between space, infrastructure, technologies and sex.

  • Screening

    Films Installed in the Foyer

    SWARM & Eduardo Restrepo Castaño
    18:00 Thu 16–23:00 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    In the Foyer at the Tramway we will screen a documentary from the Sex Workers' Festival of Resistance 2017 and La Llamada by Eduardo Restrepo Castaño.

  • Reading & Discussion
    Samuel Delany looks down at camera as the brooklyn bridge looms behind him

    The Motion of Light with BSL & STTR

    Samuel R. Delany
    19:00–20:30 Thu 16 Nov
     / Tramway

    Autobiographical detail becomes a lens to reflect and refract the deepest aspects of personal and social life in Delany’s ground-breaking non-fiction writing.

  • Dance Performance
    Storyboard P bend as he dances in a sequin top and gold leggings

    The Body is a Sanctuary That Floats

    Storyboard P
    21:00–21:30 Thu 16 Nov
     / Tramway

    A performance by Storyboard P - one of the greatest Afrofuturist dancers on the planet

  • Music Performance
    A figure in white cloth whose face wears a mask with green eye is in a field

    Moor Mother

    Moor Mother
    22:00–22:45 Thu 16 Nov
     / Tramway

    Moor Mother is a Philadelphian housing activist and black quantum futurist who performs maroon rap shanties and haunted punk-noise.

Fri 17 Nov
  • Screening Programme
    A background of mount fuji. In the foreground a person in a baby blue leotard

    Screening Programme

    Tiona McClodden, Samuel R. Delany , Jacolby Satterwhite, Paul Kindersley
    19:00–20:15 Fri 17 Nov
     / Tramway

    Emotional fantasies, towers of cakes, identity troubles, collapsed distance and time and Samuel R. Delany's rarely seen 1971 film The Orchid.

  • Party & Fundraiser
    A large group of people at table mill and dance in a room lit with party lights

    Party & Unity Fundraiser

    Nena Etza, Dj@Christelle, DJ D-Harsh, Moor Mother
    20:00 Fri 17–00:00 Sat 18 Nov
     / Kinning Park Complex

    Social and party with all proceeds going to the Unity Centre, featuring DJ SETS with Dj@Christelle, DJ D-Harsh, Nena Etza & Moor Mother.

Sat 18 Nov
  • Performance
    Robert sits in a chair with a projection behind and he speaks lit by red light

    Discourse or Intercourse: One on One

    Robert Softley Gale
    14:00–16:30 Sat 18 Nov
     / Tramway

    Ten short intimate one-on-one conversations with Robert Softley Gale - We all want to see ourselves reflected in the world around us—in society, in art, in culture... in porn?

  • Reading & Discussion
    A shot of a collecting tin with a Pink sticker that says Action for Trans Health

    Future Justice in the Present with BSL & STTR

    KUCHENGA, Nat Raha, Jackie Wang
    14:00–15:30 Sat 18 Nov
     / Tramway

    Thought and action, writing and protesting. A chat with Nat Raha, KUCHENGA and Jackie Wang asking what can be learnt from writing across genres by agitators, activists and abolitionists?

  • Reading & Music Performance
    Two people in natty jackets sit in front of a red curtain

    Every Book is Dead

    Hal Duncan & LAPS
    16:00–17:00 Sat 18 Nov
     / Tramway

    Mashed up queer fantasy of worker’s revolts, biblical demons and present-day hells, and dubbed out cyborg-electro.

  • Reading and Discussion
    A beard Samuel Delany sits in front of a wall of shelves full of books

    Being for Others with STTR

    Samuel R. Delany
    17:30–19:00 Sat 18 Nov
     / Tramway

    Chip’s written some of the greatest of all Sci-Fi and Fantasy—page turning character driven diamond-hard novels and short stories: each a lens that refracts our real-life struggles and desires.

  • Dance & Music Performance
    Two legs wearing black high heeled boots stick up above the edge of dark stage

    Moved by the Motion

    Wu Tsang, boychild, TOTAL FREEDOM
    20:00–21:00 Sat 18 Nov
     / Tramway

    Sci-fi. After the club. Underground. Counter-narrative. Narrated movement. Cultural resistance. Wu Tsang and boychild's collaborative performance series, will continue its evolution at Episode 9 with the addition of TOTAL FREEDOM.

  • Dance Performance & Discussion
    Storyboard P, lit by yellow street light by a street corner writhes his arms

    Speech Captions Body Language with BSL & STTR

    Storyboard P
    21:30–22:30 Sat 18 Nov
     / Tramway

    In which one of the best dancers you’ll ever see is going to pick a song, freestyle to it, chat with us about what dancing means to them, then pick another song, freestyle, chat, repeat...

Sun 19 Nov
  • Workshop
    boychild lies prostrate whilst bathed in blue light with tile fabric lain across

    Improvisation, Make-up and Lip-sync

    11:00–13:00 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    Underground movement legend boychild hosts this very rare workshop—on improvisation, cosmetics, movement and lip-sync.

  • Discussion
    A pixelated image that appears to be two people engaged in fellatio

    Discourse or Intercourse: Group Action with BSL & STTR

    Robert Softley Gale & Maxine Meighan
    14:00–15:00 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    How do people living with disability see themselves in today’s sexualised culture? How do we imagine our crip sexual selves despite society wanting to reduce us to non-erotic bodies?

  • Discussion
    Two people holding red umbrellas and banners: Stop deporting Migrant Sex Workers

    Sex, Work, Justice with BSL & STTR

    15:30–16:30 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    The struggle for sex workers’ rights and how we can understand it in the continuum of care work and other forms of invisibilised and precarious work.

  • Film
    Two ghostly faces, black and white, negative and solarised float in the frame

    The Black Sun (Die Schwarze Sonne)

    Johannes Hammel
    17:00–17:30 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    Inspired by Delany’s Aye, and Gomorra. A spookily filmic world where asexual bodies live in the contradiction of their unarousable loneliness and desire for intimacy and contact.

  • Performance
    A reader in a spotlight is dwarfed by a screen with scenes from RoboCop

    The Cybernetic Cop

    Jackie Wang
    17:45–18:00 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    A prison abolitionist punk video-poetry-music mash up about our fucked-up dystopian society, RoboCop, kids toys and criminality.

  • Performance
    A made up femme with fabric cap holds up their long red flower jewelled hair

    Sgàire Wood

    Sgàire Wood
    18:15–18:30 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    A somehow hyper-modern, ancient and folkloric lip-synced, made-up, fashioned performance.

  • Discussion
    A silhouette of Delany in front of screen where a room is lit with green light

    Public Sex with STTR

    Samuel R. Delany & Huw Lemmey
    19:30–20:30 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    Could cruising and random public sex be the basis of an ethically organised society? A discussion with Samuel R. Delany and Huw Lemmey.

  • Reading
    A design with a yellow background on which a bottle of poppers called Chubz sits


    Huw Lemmey
    21:00–21:20 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    Politicised fan-fiction chronicling working class gay urban space and fantasy.

  • Reading & Screening
    White text on a yellow and pink film still reads "Lonely and Hungry"

    Lonely and Hungry

    Jackie Wang
    21:20–21:45 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    Heat-mapped bodies, found porn films, Korean psyche-folk, creepy police intrusion and self-defence.

  • Reading
    A bearded Delany leans on a seat back as he talks in a cinema space

    Beyond Transgression

    Samuel R. Delany
    22:15–22:45 Sun 19 Nov
     / Tramway

    Chip will read some of his great literary pornography, which pushes sexuality to the point of extremity and exhaustion.