Fri 21 Oct
  • Film programme
    Text super-imposed on two people

    Queer Liberation: No Prisons, No Borders

    Dean Spade, Tourmaline, Hope Dector
    18:00 Fri 21–21:30 Sun 23 Oct
     / Tramway

    A crash-course in pre-figurative, radical, queer, anti-racist, anti-police, anti-prison, anti-deportation abolitionist politics and trans-resistance. 

  • Discussion
    Two people on a busy street wearing sunglass, clapping

    Life in Flight from Every Prison

    CeCe McDonald, Dean Spade, Joshua Allen, We Will Rise
    19:15–20:45 Fri 21 Oct
     / Tramway

    Is there a link between the ways we’re caged and exiled by the prison-industrial complex and the ways people’s bodies are violently categorised and segregated by race, class, gender or ability? 

  • Screening
    Two people standing by a door, one is wearing a purple cloak

    Criminal Queers

    Eric A Stanley & Chris Vargas
    21:15–22:15 Fri 21 Oct
     / Tramway

    Criminal Queers visualises a radical trans/queer struggle against the prison industrial complex, working to abolish the multiple ways our hearts, genders, and desires are confined. 

  • Club
    A person DJ with purple and green images projected behind them

    Refuse Powers’ Grasp Club - We Will Rise Fundraiser

    Juliana Huxtable, Elysia Crampton, boychild
    23:00 Fri 21–03:00 Sat 22 Oct
     / The Art School

    All ticket income goes directly to We Will Rise - a group of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and their allies who have come together to End Immigration Detention in the UK.

Sat 22 Oct
  • Discussion
    Two people looking very happy


    CeCe McDonald & Joshua Allen
    11:30–13:00 Sat 22 Oct
     / Tramway

    A collaborative social justice project that uses art, activism and awareness to combat the systemic oppression facing young, trans, queer & gender nonconforming people of colour. 

  • Discussion
    People dressed in ballroom masks hold banners

    Captive Genders - Criminalisation

    Eric A Stanley, Che Gossett, English Collective of Prostitutes, Scot-Pep/ Umbrella Lane
    14:00–15:30 Sat 22 Oct
     / Tramway

    What is happening when systems of repression try to grasp communities’ ways of being, living or surviving, applying laws of sexuality, gender or race to cast them as criminal?

  • Open Rehearsal
    people dressed in white dresses & summer hats standing in a circle

    [b]reach: The Fugitive Chronicles – an open rehearsal

    Gallery of the Streets & Glasgow Open Dance School
    16:15–17:00 Sat 22 Oct
     / Tramway

    The ongoing development of [b]reach, an abolitionist black queer retelling of Marge Piercy’s incredible feminist utopian novel Woman on the Edge of Time

  • Discussion
    a person behind a cage made from wire & bamboo sticks

    Recipes to Change Society

    Mujeres Creando
    17:30–18:30 Sat 22 Oct
     / Tramway

    A sort of prayer and conference, a sort of scream and dialogue - a monologue and declaration at the time, addressing how we can build complicity with one another.

  • Performance
    3 people dressed in futuristic armour with guns in a grey tunnel.

    Resident Evil

    Sondra Perry
    19:30–20:15 Sat 22 Oct
     / Tramway

    Jumping off from Sun Ra’s thoughts on evil, and the Alien films, this performance will explore how the sociality Sondra wants to visualise and participate in has no interest in respectability.

  • Discussion
    A person sat in a car waving. Theres is a parade & their jacket is colourful

    Miss Major and CeCe McDonald in conversation with Eric A Stanley 

    Miss Major, CeCe McDonald, Eric A Stanley
    20:40–22:15 Sat 22 Oct
     / Tramway

    A conversation of intergenerational trans-resistance and anti-racist fierceness between two of the most inspiring public speakers we know.

Sun 23 Oct
  • Discussion

    Blackness, Animality and the Unsovereign

    Che Gossett
    12:30–14:00 Sun 23 Oct
     / Tramway

    How black radical practices of abolition imagine a way out of the caging and mass killing of life.

  • Discussion
    Image says:Don't ask to fight their wars, don't tell them that's what we're for.

    Against Inclusion

    Mujeres Creando , Dean Spade, Eric A Stanley
    15:30–17:00 Sun 23 Oct
     / Tramway

    What does it mean to resist seeking assimilation or inclusion within, or let our demands be co-opted by the very systems we seek to dismantle? 

  • Performance
    screen shot on a green desktop, of a group of people wearing green balaclava

    Lineage for a Multiple-Monitor Work-station 

    Sondra Perry
    17:45–18:15 Sun 23 Oct
     / Tramway

    A celebration of our overabundant social entanglement and complicity, that remind us of how we can see ourselves, stripped of powers’ attempts to grasp us.

  • Discussion
    Three smiling people pose for the camera

    Prefiguring the World We Want to Live In

    Kai Lumumba Barrow, Miss Major, Che Gossett, Tourmaline
    19:30–21:00 Sun 23 Oct
     / Tramway

    How do communities practice being one another's means, addressing their material problems facing them replicating the state’s violent logic of who is disposable.

  • Performance
    A person with their hands out like they've got superpowers

    Juliana Huxtable

    Juliana Huxtable, Joe Heffernan , Ahya Simone
    21:30–22:15 Sun 23 Oct
     / Tramway

    Juliana’s performances chart the dissonant space and discrepancy between the presumed fixed norms of social life and the fluid lived experience those norms don’t allow for.