Sociality | Plurality

Grouped here are performances and talks about or exploring sociality, and performances and talks that involve lots of people (thematically or literally). For example: the second part of a wide ranging and vital conversation between Amiri Baraka, Fred Moten, Sonia Sanchez and Wadada Leo Smith. More recently, the Ueinzz Theatre Company discuss the relationship between their creative practice and care. Or the sets and performances from the Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight Club night.

To give you a bit of context, these proposed paired ‘terms’ that we've used to construct the theme are not synonyms nor are they binary oppositions but words that combine to (hopefully) produce un-rational anti-categories. The aim is to allow (encourage) the archive to be read in ways counter to normative or reductive categories. To allow things in the archive to appear in sometimes unlikely groupings and to resist essentialism.