Fugitivity | Care

This theme in part arises from Episodes 6 and 7 which explored ideas and performances to do with the politics of care and of waywardness (among other things). It also offers a chance to re-frame some older performances (coming soon). Two or three ways into the documentation grouped here: The Ueinzz Theatre Company talking about their relationship of creative practice and care together, Saidiya Hartman's reading that elucidates her understanding of 'Waywardness' or Denise Ferreira da Silva and Valentina Desideri's performed lecture about their Poethical Reading practice.

These paired theme ‘terms’ are not synonyms nor are they binary oppositions but words that combine to (hopefully) produce un-rational anti-categories. The aim is to allow (encourage) the archive to be read in ways counter to normative or reductive categories. To allow things in the archive to appear in sometimes unlikely groupings and to resist essentialism. And to induce exploration into and cross-pollination across all the documentation in the archive.