Resonant Spaces

20–29 Jun 2006
Various, Glasgow
A tour with John Butcher and Akio Suzuki that set out to allow the audience to experience (and to listen to) the enviroment around them in different way.
Isn't a tour as much about the places you visit as it is about musicians on the road? You travel, you visit places – each one different from the last?  We think so, and so we've set out to put together a tour that allows you to experience the environment around you in a different way. To listen to it. We hope to capture and set free the sound of some of the most exciting and incredible locations in Scotland. Locations that resonate and echo, or that have fantastic ambient sounds or dense, near endless reverberations.
We're working with musicians who have a special interest in the sound of a space, of your place within it; both have the ability to create magical and charming, intense and often very moving performances. These won't be like an average live gig, but then don't you find that the greatest experiences happen where you least expect them. In the oddest of places.
We travelled to a huge sea cave on the north coast, old ice houses, an underground reservoir, a mausoleum and a huge WW2 fuel storage tank on Hoy that has a 17 second decay. These sites allowed John, Akio (with his collection of self-made instruments including his Analapos and others made from pebbles, glass plates, sponges, cardboard box, bamboo sticks and swizzle sticks) and the audiences to experience unique locations all with very highly distinctive acoustic characteristics.
The tour was reviewed in The Wire by Biba Kopf here, by Neil Cooper for the Herald here, and Bixobal featured Akio Suzuki's Diary of the tour here.

Recordings of performances by John Butcher and Akio Suzuki from the tour were released by Ftarri Records on a record called Immediate Landscapes, recorded by Ruari Cormack and mastered by John Butcher. The release was reviewed in The Squid's Ear and in The Free Jazz Collective blog and was Number 33 in The Wire's year end list of 2017.



Supported by Scottish Arts Council Lottery Funded, Tune Up, 300 million, NVA, Whiteburn Projects Ltd.

Thanks to Chris Dennis, Keiko Yoshida, Clare Gee, Glenys Hughes, Sheila Garson, Jude Callister, Roxana Meechan, Yvonne McKay,  Hugh Morrison, Alex Morrison, Ronnie Lansley, Jacqueline Bennett, Hannah Bird, Iain Lindsay, Pask & Pask Architects, Daniella Keenan, Danny Maxwell, Doreen Grove, Olwyn Owen, John Raven, Dorothy Maxwell, Kate Craik, Wendy Niblock, Matt Baxter, Gareth Rutter.