Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Kai Fagaschinski & Klaus Filip

Los Glissandinos

Los Glissandinos is a cracking example of how a laptop artist can sit alongside live instrumentation and deliver a performance that is artistically tight, but also very beautiful, (and at times emotional), and physically engaging. Kai Fagaschinski plays clarinet, while Klaus Filip puts his own custom built loop software to use, manipulating a clutch of sine waves.  With a restricted and pretty pure palette they set about a series of serene, but occasionally (and pleasingly) rough edged Alvin Lucier-ish explorations of acoustic phenomena; difference tones, beating patterns and the like.  As the clarinet and sine tones approach or sweep past each other, and as Kai scuffs at the edges of his tone to create interference, they create all kinds of physical acoustic effects; beating and thrumming that changes as you move your head, sound emanating from right there in your middle ear, and so on. It’s all beautifully paced and serene, but with just enough steely menace broiling under the surface to keep you on edge.  Kind of like a beautiful and precision-engineered auricular examination; you’ll feel much better afterwards.

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    Credits / license
    • CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Music by Kai Fagaschinski (AKM) & Klaus Filip (AKM)