Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Anthony Iles, Emma Hedditch, Howard Slater, Laurie Pitt, Liam Casey & Mattin

Unstable, fragile but daring together

Instead of the one-way monologue of normal performance, what would be the result of an actual collective dialogue? Where would it go?

Four respected, challenging, fresh artists and writers; all interested in doing things collectively and in seeing art as an opportunity for radical, politicised action.


Proposal: Often framed in terms of a dialogue (But even so only very specific dialogues, between an artist and: a space, their materials, their ability to create a mimetic realism that authentically bears witness to their intention and refined senses, a yet-to-exist ideal audience etc. and so on… rarely a two-way dialogue between artist and audience.) art more often resembles a monologue (We witness a self, thinking to itself, alone and aloud about itself, bearing witness to the intimacy of its’ own thoughtful confession or process of production.  How dull…): What would an actual dialogue involve, what subjects can noise and improvisation comment on, what is a productive and provocative, unstable and fragile space in which we can dare to do things we wouldn’t do otherwise? How We have no idea, it is totally open: this ‘performance’ will deliberately be created out of what happens (with you) during Mattin, Emma, Anthony and Howard’s investigations earlier in the week. Why Instead of the one-way monologue of normal performance, what would be the result an actual collective dialogue?  If that dialogue happened in Dundee, where would it go?

They’re also all contributors to the recently published Noise & Capitalism – download it for FREE here:

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