Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Phil Minton

Feral Choir

Feral Choir is one of the most democratic musical experiences we've ever seen: people coming together to improvise, who as little as two weeks before would have though the very idea absurd. And it sounds great: delicate and babbling, loud and thrumming; instinctive sounds, free of baggage. Phil Minton ran workshops / rehearsals for his Feral Choir project throughout the festival leading participants through improvisation exercises and culminating in a performance on the Sunday afternoon.

This performance followed a series of relaxed workshops in which Phil convinced the average bod in the street (you, me, your mum…) to loosen up, and sing: culminating in an untrained choir performing at the festival.

“My recent experience of working with people, many of whom think they cannot sing, has strengthened my conviction that the human voice is capable of so much more than is generally understood. I encourage people to realise that anyone who can breath, is capable of producing sounds that give a positive aesthetic contribution to the human condition.”- Phil Minton