Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Bruce McClure

Christmas Tree Stand

Personalised instruments are used to transform loops of pure black and white frames into an immersive riot of perceptual phenomenon in colour, motion and sound. The multi-projector performances of filmmaker Bruce McClure open up a world of hallucinatory retinal pyrotechnics.  For the UK premier of Christmas Tree Stand, Bruce will employ four adapted 16mm projectors, the motors modified, brass grids retro-fitted between lens and gate.

A stroboscopic and intense sensory overload of flashing abstract forms, cut to ribbons by modified projectors. You’re met with a white strobing circle pulsing on screen and slowly transformed as additional, overlapping projectors create strange halo’s and spheres, odd 3D expansions and contractions.  As more projectors are added the image is shredded under a beating grid, colour and form thrumming in front of your eyes until, as the last projector dims and you’re left in the dark, crazy blue tendrils follow your gaze, after-images burned on the retina like a delicate coda to Bruce’s performances.

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