Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Tower Recordings

What we wrote about them at the time…

Born of the collective consciousness of some of the wildest minds operating in the farthest orbits of the American Free Folk scene, the ever-changing, free improvising Tower Orchestra swing around the hazy, beat vibrations of Matt Valentine. Holed up in the Vermont forest with an extended cabal of like minded spirits, Valentine and Tower draw on the sap that has flown from the branches of Tim Buckley, John Fahey and Captain Beefheart and the warp of wood of the old American Folk tradition, together with a mythmaking, heavy electric stew of psych-rock, avant jazz, Eastern-tinged free-floating drones and country blues to produce beat spirituals of coruscating energy and gentle space. Throwing into that mix the 70’s fluxus light shows and films of Jeff Perkins and other filmic interventions tuned to their unique frequency, the Tower performance at KYTN [their first ever outside the US] should be a blast you dare not miss.