Kill Your Timid Notion 04

10–12 Dec 2004
DCA, Dundee

Equal parts live music, avant-garde cinema and visual art, KYTN is a celebration of artists whose vision transgresses traditional boundaries of media or genre; be that cinematic auteurs with notions of synaesthesic noise or free folk hipsters with a penchant for radical moving imagery, KYTN offers a unique insight into some of the most exciting experiments in performance and cinema today.  

The second edition of the KYTN festival offered up a celebration of risk taking and adventure from some of the boldest pioneers of the past 40 years, melding avant garde and underground forms of music and moving image to create new experiments and experiences in sight and sound. The live programme this year included AMM and Malcolm Le Grice, Mirror (with a film by Bill Morrison), Thuja and Keith Evans, Perlonex and Ulrike Flaig, Text of Light (with Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Ulrich Krieger and Tim Barnes) performing to the films of Stan Brakhage, Tower Recordings (with Matt Valentine, Erika Elder, Samara Lubelski, S Freyer Esq., Tim Barnes, Nemo & Dean Roberts), La Cellule d'Intervention Metamkine, Jürgen Reble and Thomas Köner performing Tabula Smaragdina and Sachiko M performing to a specially devised expanded film screening of Light Describing a Cone by Anthony McCall.

6 Programmes of experimental films included screenings by Charlemagne Palestine, Peter Tscherkassky, Martin Arnold, Emily Richardson, Bruce Conner, Kurt Kren, Rob Gawthrop, Bruce Baillie, Ryszard Wasko, Chris Garratt, Jud Yalkut, Thom Andersen, Kenneth Anger, Peter Kubelka, Beverly and Tony Conrad, Paul Sharits, Pat O'Neill, Joost Rekveld and Stan Vanderbeek.

In addition there was an exhibition by Grönlund-Nisunen that followed on from the festival, curated by Katrina Brown at DCA. The exhibition displayed four installations in four different exhibition spaces. "The Music Box", "Radiation Sensitive Sound Installation", "3D-led installation" were versions of old works adapted to DCA. "Pneumatic Lanscape" was a new work made for the show.

KTYN 04 was reviewed by Neil Cooper for The List here and by Brian Morton for the Wire here