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Ian Helliwell & Ruins

Ruins & Ian Halliwell

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True giants of the Japanese avant-rock scene and famed for their legendary live performance, Ruins are the hardcore progrock bass + drum duo led by drummer extraordinaire Tatsuya Yoshida and joined in Dundee by Sasaki Hisashi. Inspired by and building on '70s prog bands, they take things to a much more intense, hyperkinetic and insane level with uber-tight, technical playing, bass-heavy riffing, weird, nonsense vocals and impossibly complex and catchy song writing. For this special performance, Ruins will be joined by Brighton based experimental filmmaker Ian Halliwell for a one off live AV spectacle; Ian will use multiple film and slide projectors to fill the room with layers of images. Given the rare opportunity of being on the same bill as long time collaborators Acid Mothers Temple, there will be a short 30 minute introductory set by various members of the two bands, highlighting their many past collaborations, including Zubi Zuva X, Akaten & Zoffy.

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