Photo: Bryony McIntyre

Burkhard Stangl, Fennesz, Gustav Deutsch, Martin Siewert & Werner Dafeldecker

Phonographics, Live

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Meticulously assembled and structured, Gustav Deutsch´s multi award winning film ‘Film Ist 1-6’, constructs a visual history of cinematography using fragments of silent film, re-sampling common film-motives, and rearranging them into new wholes. At the vanguard of experimental electronica and contemporary improvisation Fennesz, Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Siewert and Burkhard Stangl have between them created some of the most striking releases of the last few years, from the acclaimed Polwechsel project, delicate sets with the cream of the japans improv scene, to Fennesz’s recasting of electronica in his own pop sensibility. Here we present a live installation of the film: looped sections projected on 4 huge screens and an improvised version of their original soundtrack from 4 figureheads of the Austrian experimental music scene.

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