Investigation: Jean-Luc Guionnet

05–09 Feb 2012
Glasgow University Chapel & Glasgow Uni Music Dept, Glasgow ; Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow

What we wrote about it at the time: What’s the best way to spend time with a musician when they visit a city to perform? And when the musician in question has a great deal to say, what sort of concert do you organise to do justice to that?

Never Come Ashore and Arika have asked the highly interesting and all round fantastic Jean-Luc Guionnet to come to Glasgow to play, to talk about what he does and to collaborate. There will be two public concerts, a talk and four days of investigative work with musicians, theorists and artists from around Glasgow. There will be a solo organ concert on Sunday the 5th of February and Jean-Luc will be accompanied by his long term colleague Seijiro Murayama for a performance at the Kinning Park Complex on the 9th

Never Come Ashore is a net label that releases recordings of experimental music and organises performances of the same. 



Presented by Arika and Never Come Ashore

Supported by PRS Foundation