12–14 Nov 2010
Tramway, Glasgow

Music is More than just music. In fact, any radical music has always been provoked by something from outside: by non-musical ideas, ideas from and about our situation. And it only stays radical if it keeps saying something back to that situation, if it tries to change it.

An experimental festival of experimental music, INSTAL 10 addresses itself to these and subsequent concerns.

Music is about more than just music

So. We think that the most exciting music, music that is genuinely radical, makes a basic appeal to ideas.  It reaches out, tries to be bigger than itself, engages with things other than just the musical; and occasionally, admirably so. 

Also. Music has always been most radical when it’s applied the incredible tools it’s developed (ideas about how to improvise situations, how to deal with noise/the unwanted, how to foster intense social interaction) to unexpected situations. Or when in allows unexpected ideas, or situations, to gain purchase on it. 

But so then. INSTAL 10 is a festival of these kinds of situations, and of the cross-pollination (through performance, discussion and action) of ideas from experimental music with: radical thought, activism, geography, hardcore mathematics, everyday life, social interaction, politics….and more.  An experimental festival of experimental music, INSTAL 10 addresses itself to these and subsequent concerns. 

Remember. Music is about more that just music. 

What to expect.  3 days of events that explore un-average musical ideasFN1; INSTAL features unmissable gigs and performances, in-depth discussions, readings, film, installations. Local, national and international musicians, artists and thinkers. Intriguing young artists alongside some of the most influential of the last 50 years. INSTAL will have thrilling performances, (dry) humour, extremes of volume/ silence, immersive environments, and multiple permutations of kicks ‘vs’ contemplation and emotion ‘vs’ intellect…It might be gentle or inspiring.  It might be challenging or troubling. The only specialist knowledge required is the knowledge that no specialist knowledge is required. 

Now.  If you were trying to convince us to come to a gig, we’d ask: Who is this person? What are they doing? Why might I be interested? Reasonable questions which we will try and answer about INSTAL 10 in the rest of this programme. FN1 Way too many ideas to try and cram in here: but perhaps incl. how music can rethink it’s relationships with: everyday life, (social) geography, means for (collective) learning, philosophy (music’s obligation to think), how ere change the collective conditions of existence (politics), the known/ the unknown, other art forms (visual art, film, literature…), (cultural) consumerism, music’s audience, festivals, you, and/ or us.

Instal 10 was featured by the Scotsman which included an interview with Vanessa Place here.  The event was reviewed by Richard Pinnell for the Wire here; Stuart Marshall for Sound Projector here; and Matt Evans for the List here.



Co-produced by Arika 

In association with The Arches

Supported by Creative Scotland and Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life

Partnered with The Wire, The List, Euro Hostel and The Sandyford Hotel