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Blood Stereo

Personal Space


14 Feb 2008  •  Greater Easterhouse Supporting Hands


The town of Blackburn lies between Glasgow & Edinburgh. In the 1960s the town's population more than doubled due to the influx of emigrating Glaswegians. Years later the town spawned avant-wrongdoers Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis AKA Blood Stereo. We'll be heading to the Garthamlock area of Glasgow to witness some free-gob & slobber in the 'hood that birthed Clan Nyoukis.

Walking to work, buying groceries, cleaning the toilet, sipping a pint at your local boozer..... it's the mundane little everyday things/ situations in life which shape who we are and which (in)directly influence what we do/create. So what is it that makes Glaswegian noisemakers make their noises? This year we've invited a handful of artists with strong ties to Glasgow to take us to the places in & around the city which they feel influence them & their art as part of the Personal Space section of the festival.

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    Personal Space Intro - Barry Esson

    To get by in the world, to eek out our own ways of coping, of making do, we all engage in creativity , every single day . We take shortcuts, we cook, we get lost, we engage in illegal acts, we take drugs, we double park, we steal, we owe money, we have sex in cars. 


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